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Quotes from emails and letters about Symphony in the Flint Hills and the Grasslandia Symphony.

“…the setting and the vistas of the prairie created an unforgettable experience for an amazing audience of 6,000 enthusiastic patrons. Thank you for inviting the Kansas City Symphony to share in this unique experience.”
Frank Byrne, Executive Director
Kansas City Symphony

“I can’t imagine a more soulful and authentic heartland Americana celebration…Beyond the call of beauty.”
Paul Winter
The Paul Winter Consort

“I’ve always felt connectedness with the Prairie that transcends the reality of my life, so being in the midst of it and hearing the musical and poetic tributes to it was almost spiritual.”
Rick Hughey
Kansas City

“The culmination of a marvelous day was the breathtaking symphony by Eugene Friesen. The performance by the Kansas City Symphony and Chorus was a once-in-a-lifetime thrill. We pinched ourselves all the way home on our good fortune to have been in on it.”
Ted and Sue Ice
Newton, Kansas

“The setting was profound and the music was out of this world. The readings spoke to people’s hearts and gave everyone a taste of God’s gift of pure beauty.”
Rita Robl
Wichita, Kansas

“The combination of the music and the prairie was heaven.”
Ken Fahrenholtz
Bloomfield, New Jersey

“The Symphony in the Flint Hills was a beautiful, spectacular event. It was truly remarkable and will remain in memory as a once-in-a-lifetime moment.”
Nancy Kassebaum Baker
Former U.S. Senator from Kansas

“…We all want to own a recording of Grasslands if that can be produced. I’ve heard much praise all around. Thank you, thank you!”
Lisa Grossman
Lawrence, Kansas